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Services and Consumption

Cosanse Servicios y Consumos, S.L (CSC) wholly owned by Sociedad Cooperativa Agraria San Sebastián (Cosanse), was established on December 14, 1998. Located at Avenida de Madrid No. 14 of La Almunia de Doña Godina, CSC begins its journey with the opening of the Service Station, and the change of location of the old supply store for members. This transfer of facilities meant a radical change, going from the traditional cooperative store to the new image of a modern supermarket.

Originally, the main objective of CSC was the service to its partners in the joint management of both the purchase of supplies (phytosanitary products, fertilizers and other materials related to the fruit production activity), as well as in the supply of agricultural diesel. It was the very evolution in the management of these activities that brought with it to cover new lines of business, and allow free entry to the general public; giving way to the inauguration of the Super Cosanse, the new Cosanse Store, and the modernization of the automated Service Station that we all know today.

Cosanse Service Station

Estación de Servicio

We always make fuel from the leading national brands available to our customers, guaranteeing the highest quality, at the best reference price in the Valdejalón region.

In addition to the dispatch of usual fuels such as Diesel A and B and 95 Unleaded Gasoline, we offer a delivery service of Diesel B at home. The delivery radius covers La Almunia de Doña Godina and surrounding towns. You can place your orders by calling 976600050.

We also offer a delivery service of Diesel B at home.

Within our Service Station Store, you will be able to find a wide range of products, among which are:

  • Under the Doña Godina and Godin brands, our Extra Virgin Arbequina variety oil and blend of varieties, own-produced fruit syrups, cavas, and wines.
  • Seasonal fruit harvested daily, specially selected and packaged in wholesale consumption formats.
  • An extensive range of products of Aragonese cooperative origin.
    Spare parts and accessories for the car.
  • Cellar of selected wines, from all national denominations of origin.
    Refrigerated drinks section and ice packs to go.
  • Consumer products in general.

The operation of a Service Station was originally one of the main service objectives in the birth of Cosanse Servicios y Consumos, S.L. With its creation, it was intended to provide Cosanse members with access to subsidized diesel from a pole of the Cooperative itself. Very soon the competitive prices of the rest of the fuels offered in it, became a reference within our region, and even at a national level, becoming a regular fuel supply point for foreigners in their transit through the N-II Highway (Madrid –Barcelona).

Super Cosanse

The wide range of products offered in our supermarket ranges from the retail sale of general products to the offer of professional products such as phytosanitary treatments, fertilizers and seeds. In this course since its constitution, our Super Cosanse has managed to establish itself as a benchmark for the population of La Almunia de Doña Godina, as far as the offer of professional, generalist, and gourmet products is concerned.

Under the renowned brands Doña Godina and Godin we bottle our best oils: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, arbequina variety and Coupage of varieties.

In our Super Cosanse you will be able to find an extensive range of Aragonese artisan products of excellent quality, and always at the best price:

  • Under the renowned brands Doña Godina and Godin, we only bottle our best oils: extra virgin olive oil of the Arbequina variety and blend of varieties.
  • Fresh fruit from our own production and daily harvest, complemented with other types of vegetables from the Zaragoza orchard.
  • Top quality food products, encompassed in the gourmet line.
    Extensive wine cellar of all national denominations of origin.
    National artisan preserves specially selected: fish, vegetables and meat marinades, among others.
  • Textile and shoe shop for work, sport, and rest.
  • Horticultural, ornamental, aromatic seeds, as well as fertilizers and traditional agricultural tools and daily life in the field.

Our daily effort is aimed at satisfying the needs of our clients, placing all the emphasis on personal and individualized service.

Seasonal fruits Super Cosanse

Peach and Doña Godina Oil

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