Traditional selection

Located in the middle valley of the river Jalón in the province of Zaragoza, Aragón at the foot of the Sierras de Algairén, Vicort… and always in the most appropriate farms due to their altitude, orientation and soil composition, are the almost 200 hectares of cherry trees of our partners.

Cherry trees that have been cultivated for more than 40 years in our Cooperative and that have been incorporating the latest innovations in irrigation, nutrition, treatment and varieties, all within the currently required parameters of respect for the environment and care for the environment. But on the other hand, they have maintained, just as previous generations did, our Traditional Selection system, based on experience and a perfect knowledge of this appreciated fruit and which consists of a manual harvest carried out by our partners at the optimum time of each variety and in a careful and careful selection to obtain a special cherry, combining tradition and innovation in a perfect symbiosis that manages to value a product, generate employment and settle population in our area.

Subsequently, in our central facilities, after quality controls, we send them to our customers in the shortest possible time, guaranteeing with this process a great freshness of our cherries and minimal handling of them, since we can say that They go from our Trees to your Table without intermediate processes or added products.

All this work has been carried out by the expert hands of our partners for several generations, with enthusiasm and effort that is passed from father to son and that means that our cherries are cared for and treated with care, with absolute respect for the surroundings and the environment and keeping alive an activity and a territory.

We present below examples of partners who, together with their families, continue to grow and produce cherries with the same tools as their ancestors, keeping our Traditional Selection alive, so that our cherries arrive from the our Trees to your Table in the best conditions, ensuring their freshness and taste.


Montesinos Soria family

They have been growing cherries for two generations, they also produce other stone and seed fruits.

Lasarte Alonso family

Luis and his brother Javier, maintain their cherry orchards started by their father. They also produce other stone and seed fruits.

Hnos. Huerta Abad

Headed by Andrés, they follow the tradition started by his father and uncles two generations ago.

Sierra Navarro family

Rafa, together with his brother Ángel, have been growing cherries for two generations. They also produce apricots, plums, peaches, nectarines and apples.

Hnos. Alares Sánchez

Aurelio, José Manuel and Víctor continue the family tradition growing cherries, they also grow apricots.

Alonso Zaragoza Family

Miguel Ángel continues the cherries farm started by his father Antonio more than 40 years ago. They also grow other stone fruits.

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