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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Doña Godina

Superior category olive oil, obtained directly from olives and only through mechanical procedures.

At La Sociedad Cooperativa Agraria San Sebastián (Cosanse), we are pleased to offer our customers one of the best extra virgin olive oils from the Arbequina variety, which is produced in Aragon.

Thanks to the olive harvesting system, with the traditional combing by hand, the fruit arrives at our mill without damage. In this way, freshly collected; It is ground with the help of state-of-the-art machinery.
The milling procedure has the objective of correctly disintegrating the “liquid gold” from our olives, respecting its flavor, strength, and freshness at all times.

In this way, based on quality control of the harvested olives, Doña Godina turns out to be an oil with an intense aroma of olives, with green notes and almond echoes. It is slightly spicy and bitter, with a fluid texture. At the same time, it leaves a sweet taste on the palate, very rich in nuances, round and lively, which is why it is particularly appreciated by connoisseurs of good extra virgin olive oil, and of course gourmets.

The varied gastronomic possibilities with which to enjoy this excellent product refer both to its consumption raw (where you can appreciate all its intense flavor), and its consumption in stews of any type of meat or fish.

As a recommendation, do not forget the pleasure that the preparation of some simple fried eggs will give you, with our incomparable Arbequina variety olive juice.

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