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COSANSE, is a Cooperative founded in 1955, therefore there are several generations of farmers who form the tradition and experience of the Cooperative.

Currently, more than 800 hectares of fruit trees and almost 400 hectares of olive trees are cultivated by its partners, producing fruits and extra virgin olive oil and generating employment and wealth for numerous family farms and small producers.

Both the farms and the production center are located in the Northeast of Spain, in the Community of Aragon and more specifically in the region of Valdejalón, historical areas of fruit and olive production, with wide recognition and a strategic location. that facilitates the placing in national and international markets of its products.

The tradition and accumulated experience, the convenient location and the continuous innovation in its farms and processes, allow COSANSE to offer its clients excellent products with recognized characteristics.

Quality and environment

Our work philosophy is Total Quality: the experience of our partner-producers and their duly adequate farms, our staff and our facilities allow us to handle and store 25,000 tons of fruit in one year. All of this results in a Top Quality Fruit, produced and distributed continuously and sustainably throughout the year.

Respect for Nature

We have more than 1,200.- hectares distributed throughout the Valdejalón region, which constitutes our best productive cash. All our production processes comply with the most rigorous phytosanitary controls: Traceability and Integrated Production (which also includes integrated pest control), and a fruit quality audit system such as Global Gap.

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