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Central Fruit Section

The Sociedad Cooperativa Agraria San Sebastián (Cosanse) was established on May 20, 1955 as a winery section, bringing together 55 members who believed that the union through a cooperative association was the best way to release their products, achieving better and higher profitability. .

After its birth, the mill section was established, whose objective was to provide olive oil for its members’ own consumption, thanks to the olive production from their farms.

It is in the year 1970 when the Central Fruit and Vegetable Section was created, located in the Almunia de Doña Godina, and grouping the production of vegetables and fruit trees located in the same population, and in other 35 municipalities of the Valdejalón Region.

Currently there are almost 200 members who work more than 800 hectares using traditional cultivation techniques, respectful of the environment and applying the latest varietal and process innovations to obtain a high quality product.

Cosanse fruit, traditional selection.

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